Youth Area

The Youth Room - For school years 7 - 13

At the Ark, our Youth Room is headed up by Jason McFarlane and Vicky Parker

At the heart of the vision for the youth is Jesus.

Saturday evening (7:30-9-00), is our chance to meet up, to hang out and catch up, this often involves food, or we just jump in a minibus and head out on a trip. If you would like to join us please bring 50p and head up to The Ark, please use the conservatory entrance. 

For more information on our Youth Room please see Jason or Vicky

Youth House Group - For school years 7 - 13

We have our teaching on a Wednesday evening (7:30-9:00), each week during term time. At our youth house group. we learn from the bible in a way that is practical and easy to understand. We also make a point of answering any questions that come up as you get to know God more and more. we meet at Josh and Kirsten's house.

Please ask Josh or Kirsten for more info on Youth House Groups